What This is About

Okay, no lies here, this is a blog for my BOOK. If you don’t want anything to do with books, forget you ever saw this. Delete this from your browser history, and go into hiding. I will post my chapters on here. If this goes well, I may do a normal blog, and continue this with my books. Feel free to give feedback on my book, as this will be published! Positive or negative criticism doesn’t matter as long as it’s CONSTRUCTIVE!!! Thanks!

What This is About


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Chapter 1

“Ah!” I yelled, “Easy on the whip there, I’m working hard!” “Ross,” a supervisor with a very deep voice said, “Man want to see you.” This supervisor was large and muscular, with a thick accent, and smelled worse than sulfur fumes.

I hesitated for a moment, and then reluctantly followed. The building of the theatre had meant many more slaves brought in for labor. That meant worse living conditions.

Worse than that, it caused rebellions amongst slaves, which only resulted in great punishment for all of us.

As I walked, I thought of the last time a man of authority wanted to see me. That time, my family died, except for my brother, Shan, who had disappeared to be auctioned off to the highborn man who offered the highest price.

My thoughts were suddenly interrupted. “Move,” the supervisor grunted. He prodded me roughly with the end of his whip.

The smell reached me before anything else, then. It was all I could do not to attempt to return the way I came. These supervisors were trained to use a whip in deadly ways. It was a precaution taken by the government from after the rebellions.

It reeked of death and despair, the smell burning your nostrils. Feces littered the deserted streets. There were legends that told of how when magic folk lived here, it was beautiful. Unfortunately, magic folk had turned on us “mortals”. They ruled us now, using us as slaves for labor. They had grown into a muddled and grotesque folk, sometimes going as far as abusing mortals’ children in the most horrifying ways.

As they grew cruel, their magic disappeared. First, were the wizards, who summoned magical things. Then, came the elder nymphs, who lost all wisdom and knowledge. Slowly, one by one, magic folk became folk. We still referred to them as “magical”, but only out of respect.

These creatures, oh, these creatures! The magic folk were muddled, all magical races combined into one. They hated us, because we had enslaved him.

We mortals thought we could gain power through capturing them, but it didn’t work. We only united them, causing a rebellion. It was the greatest rebellion known to any creature. Even the trees could not recall any so great.

“Okay, where are we g-going?” I managed to choke out. The supervisor just prodded me once more, and said nothing. The smell still reeked, and burned my nose. I again weighed my chances of escape. I figured that if I could run fast enough, he’d never catch me, but by the looks of him, one would guess that he had blood of Giants as well as mortals.

I frowned. No, escape was not an option. I would just have to see where we were going. Suddenly, the sun became brighter, and the world smelled of lotus blossoms.

The Golden Palace of Hanzeihmer was before me. It was fabulous. Made by mortals, this palace was one of the greatest of its kind. I could never imagine how great it was!

“That’s the palace?” I asked in awe, “But it is still so far away!” “When closer, you cannot gaze upon it,” the supervisor said, almost gently, “Too bright and shiny!” After eight years of insufferable heat and labor, this was amazing.

“Is that our destination?” I inquired the supervisor. “No,” he said, almost sadly, “It is not.”

Chapter 1